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Marcus High School Girls Basketball
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Head Coach | Jordan Davis

High School
Where did you attend high school?  When did you graduate?
I actually went to 3 different high schools, but graduated from Celina High School in 2001.
What is your favorite memory from HS?
One of my favorite memories was making it to the state tournament in Austin.
What activities or clubs did you participate in?
I ran cross country and track, played basketball and dabbled in softball for a couple of years. I did a lot and I feel like it really helped shaped me into the athlete that I was.
What was one of your achievements in HS?
I was selected and played in the TABC All Star game my senior year.

Where did you attend college? When did you graduate?
I attended Baylor University and graduated in 2006.
Did you play basketball?
I played basketball on a full scholarship.
What is your favorite memory from college?
My favorite memory from college is winning the National Championship in 2005. It was a very surreal moment and was a great culmination of years of hard work. Sharing that moment with great teachers and coaches was one of the best days of my life.
What awards and achievements did you have at Baylor?
I received the Coaches’ Award from the Lady Bear staff and I was also voted the best comeback story of 2004-2005. In 2006, I was a co-captain of the Baylor Women’s team.

What was your first coaching job?
My first coaching job was in Celina, Texas. I started there in 2007 and was there  until I came to Marcus. It was a wonderful place to me to grow and learn as a coach.
What is Your Philosophy as a Basketball Coach?
I would say my philosophy as a basketball coach is simple: work hard and have fun. Enjoy playing the game with a great passion and get better every day.
What are your best and worst memories in coaching?
Worst-One of my worst (and boy was it bad) moments in coaching, happened a few years ago when I got very upset at my team for not running  several plays correctly,  and I punched a (padded) chair very hard which broke a bone in my hand. I had to have surgery, and I now have a screw in my left hand.
Best-One of the best moments in my coaching career was coaching in the state tournament in Austin in 2012. It was a great experience!
What made you want to become a Marcus coach?
I made the decision to come to Marcus for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons was to coach and compete in a very talented 6A district.
What are your coaching goals here at Marcus?
My goals here are to have  competitive teams  that give their all every day  to develop a solid basketball program from middle school to the high school level.

What are your parents’ names?
My parents are Troy and Sherry Davis, and they live in Celina, Texas.
Do you have siblings?  How many, are they older or younger, names?
I have 2 younger siblings: Lindy and Seth. Lindy is married and lives in Big Bend National Park. Seth is currently traveling.
Biggest lesson your parents taught you?
My family is very important to me. They’re usually my biggest supporters, amd I have learned a lot from them. Growing up I played a lot of basketball, but my parents showed me the difference between being good and being great. Being great requires more effort and work. It seems simple, but I think a lot of that gets lost on some kids today. Without my parents pushing me to get better every day, I would have never made it to college on a full scholarship.

Your Favorite Quote:
I don’t really have a specific favorite quote. Each day in practice I’ll give the girls a quote of the day that they will have to remember and repeat back to us at the end of practice.